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Kelly Evans

Special thanks for the wonderful Business Spotlight on Love, Noa Boutique! The Village of Flossmoor has been an awesome partner and we are looking forward to a great long-term relationship! We Are Family! Check out our story on page 8 of the Flossmoor News!

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  • My name is Myron D. Graham, I am a member of the Flossmoor Community Relations Commission and Western Ave. District 161 Representative.

    February is Black History Month in America and Flossmoor’s Black History Month Committee has selected the theme “Never settle. Always choose: Flossmoor Celebrates Black History.”

    In lieu, Flossmoor is seeking opportunities to showcase African American owned businesses located in the Flossmoor area. We would like to do this by collecting personal stories from business owners and connecting those stories to Black History facts. The facts will relate in someway to the business type. The business need only supply their personal story, Flossmoor Public Library staff will supply the related Black historical fact.

    This year’s celebration will include a proclamation by Mayor Paul Braun (February 4th), weekly articles in the HF Chronicle and posts on the several Village approved social media outlets. The Black History Month Committee will attempt to showcase 2-3 businesses a week during the month of February.

    To participate, please have the business owner complete a brief questioner about themselves and their business. The questioner is available on the Flossmoor Village website. Follow the link below:

    We understand this is short notice, but we wish to have all responses completed by Thursday January, 31st. With your help, this year’s celebration of Black History will be a great success.

    If you have additional questions, please respond to Myron Graham, Linda Stanford, Rosalind Mustafa, Tony Parker, Allison Deitch or Amy Kent.

    All the best
    “Never settle. Always choose.”

    Myron D. Graham

    Myron Graham

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