It's a Girl!

Kelly Evans

A girl's boutique that is! Yes, this summer has been a bit productive if I may say so myself! Sorry we've been a bit absent working hard to bring the Love, Noa Boutique to life, and its been quite a journey. Here's the story:

After going online a little less than a year ago, the Love, Noa team thought it would be a great idea to have a physical location to host parties for girls and their "girl squads." We considered pop-up stores and events, but weren't successful in finding locations that would allow it. So what did we do? We found our own spot! 1044 Sterling Ave in downtown Flossmoor, IL!

And so started our journey. What seemed like a perfect space still needed the Love, Noa touch and everything took triple the time we thought it would. From painting to buying fixtures to picking the perfect pictures for the walls is not only a process, but an ongoing process. 

Including Noa in the process was important because it is my goal to make sure that my daughter understands the importance of business ownership, so she was dragged to the store everyday and has been everyday since! So from the first day of cleaning to putting the finishing touches on the clothes, we have been proud to have something to call ours - and for Noa to see a sign with her name across the window.


I am proud, scared, out of money sometimes tearful, but mostly thrilled that I have finally been able to birth my dream and create a business that my daughter can be proud to talk about. We are creating a space for girls to come and feel good about who they are. A place that will affirm and support and encourage and celebrate girl-dom. From every pink wall and polka dot to each strong affirmation on the wall, this place will make all girls feel special and pretty and powerful.

This has been my dream and now that dream has become my reality - our reality; me and Noa and every girl who comes to our door. It's more than clothes. It's more than nails. It's an incubator for girl warriors. Yep, we're all of that. Come in and look around and be a part of empowering our girls.


Love, Noa's Mom

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