Do Witches Wear Britches?

Kelly Evans

Well Delores DeBoris McCackler sure does and as she finds out, so do many other witches! Author Tracy Watland will be on hand at Love, Noa on Saturday, October 27th from noon to 2 pm to read her story, The Witches New Britches, and to have some tricks and treats with all the kids as we find out what happened on Delores' underwear shopping trip!

In addition to The Witches New Britches, Tracy has also penned The Kindness Can which endeavors to teach children the importance and value of being kind - something we can all stand to learn a little bit more about! Tracy is also a "'Kindness Advocate' and uses the power of positivity to help both adults and children believe in themselves and encourages them to follow their dreams." We're already giving her two thumbs up!

Teaching girls the importance of kindness and caring are virtues that assure that girls learn to be good friends and to care for others. In addition to selling beautiful clothes and wanting girls to look like the pretty princesses that they are, one of our founding principles is that we want girls to gain healthy self-images so that they can love themselves and others. We want girls to be the bearers of positivity, truth and empowerment and we know that all begins with how they feel on the inside.

Bring your children out on Saturday in their favorite Halloween costume, listen to a story, eat some treats and spread some kindness! Also copies of The Witches New Britches will be on hand so you can take one home! Want to purchase Tracy's books ahead of time? Visit her site at 

Hope to see you soon!


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